Work Experience

Optimal EV

Work at Optimal involves: 1. select powertrain components to vehicle specification, 2. Make HIL bench with selected components, 3. write an integration algorithm on VCU (vehicle controller unit), and 4. test & calibrate control parameters and propulsion performance. Matlab/Simulink is used for the algorithm development and EcoCal is used for the calibration work. Main components include electric traction motor, traction motor controller (inverter), Battery Management System (BMS), DCDC converter, On-Board Charger (OBC).

courtesy of Optimal EV

LG Electronics

Worked in a program management team for GM BEV2 Bolt EV program. Handled On-Board Charger Module. Conducted initial root cause analysis of field issues before faulty units are sent to Korea HQ to better satisfy customer needs. Joined the team from Design Validation phase throughout to production and after.

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